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We are making changes to better suit our customers' needs with a new website design. will provide an enhanced website for an enhanced shopping experience. The previous site, will be merging with in December 2012. We have designed our website to have a more modern feel and to allow easier navigation for shopping our products.

The new website will showcase additional features, allow for a more secure buying experience, and have a simple one page checkout process. The changes we have made are more characteristic of the confidence we have in our products and our commitment to constantly evolve to please our clientele.

The original website, was established in 1998 and considered the pioneer online shopping center for massage chairs, beauty and health products, electronics, gadgets, and much more. Since then, we have worked to improve our online store. This concept has not changed with the rollout and merging together of

The new website will only enhance customers' shopping experience with the products they are already familiar with. The items sold will not change, so customers can still find our major items such as brand name massage chairs, Asian products, beauty products, and every other item that they have come to expect from us.

Though the One2Fit website was comprehensive in its listings of the products we offer, we felt it could be better, and thus comes TheOnSale website. Patrons will still have the ability to visit our massage chair showroom located in Queens, NY for a more personal shopping experience. will be more aesthetically pleasing, it will be graphically rich compared to the prior version, and have straightforward uncomplicated search and navigation links. The website will feature an uncluttered home page with helpful links so our customers can find exactly what they need with a single click.

We will also offer an online chat solution to help those needing assistance in a timely manner. We know that with these changes and improvements our website will offer a more seamless and effective shopping experience than what people were formerly accustomed to. We are changing the design and flow to better suit customer needs.

We know that customers want to visit a webpage and be able to find their products without complication. They do not want to be faced with a page containing so much content that does not connect that it complicates the process of purchasing items because they are not easily found. We also know that information is important and that an informed buyer will be able to effortlessly choose between merchandise. For this reason we have included facts about the products we sell so that consumers can make informed purchases.

The shopping encounter will leave our clients with the feeling that purchasing products with us is as simple and maybe even more so, than physically being in a store. We want them to leave our website knowing that they have found the best massage chairs, Asian products, beauty products and so much more that we offer. We are confident that the merging of and will leave our customers knowing that they made the right choice shopping with us.

Explore the new website and see the changes we have made to benefit customers. Check out our massage chairs, browse our beauty products, shop for Asian favorites, peruse items for good health, find the deal of the day, and get your questions answered. Feel free to contact us via the online chat solution, by email, by phone, and like us on Facebook. Welcome to the new and improved One2Fit, now /

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